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Mission Statement

To provide a quality program through professional educators in a safe, loving environment that will educate and nurture early learners.


Child Care Philosophy

We believe in the importance of a quality program, therefore we will provide a child based program that meets the needs of each child.

We believe in teaching the whole child, therefore we will implement a program that helps children grow in every aspect of their development.

We believe in celebrating children’s uniqueness, therefore we welcome children of all abilities.

We believe children learn best when they feel safe and relaxed, therefore we will provide a safe, comfortable, home like environment.

We believe every child should feel love and belonging at our Centre, therefore we will respect and celebrate their individuality.

We believe that the best learning is hands on, therefore we will provide many teachable moments and learning opportunities.

We believe in community involvement, therefore we will seek out ways to have a community presence both within and outside our Centre.

We believe in open communication with parents, therefore we will greet parents daily and provide feedback to them regarding their child’s day.

We believe parents are the child’s first teacher and the most important influence in their lives, therefore we will provide an environment that welcomes parents and any suggestions or feedback that they may have.

We believe in involving the whole family in the child’s education, therefore we will host family events throughout the year.

We believe as educators that it is important to always be willing to learn and grow, therefore we will stay current by attending workshops and conferences.


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